MN Group

Creative solutions, creative results.

MN Group is a Level One B-BBEE systems integration and solutions development company with a focus on Telecommunications, Electronic products, and renewable energy solutions.

In our group of companies, we provide a wide range of capabilities including the manufacturing and supply of communication products, electronic warefare, and software solutions.

Our primary objective is to establish local expertise in design, development, manufacturing, supply, and support.

Tactical Communications

Specialised systems and devices for reliable and secure communication in military or emergency response situations.

Active Intelligence

Collect, analyse, and utilise real-time data and insights to drive proactive decision-making and enable effective responses to security threats.

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Fixed-wing and rotary-wing unmanned aerial systems autonomous or remotely controlled aircraft that operate without a human pilot on board, performing various tasks such as surveillance, mapping, and delivery.

Tactical Communication
Tactical communication products are specialized devices and systems designed for reliable and secure communication in military or emergency response scenarios. These products often include portable radios, encrypted voice and data transmission capabilities, rugged construction for harsh environments, and features like interoperability, advanced encryption, and situational awareness integration to support effective and coordinated operations.

Cellular Active Systems

Cellular Active Systems

Active Intelligence Cellular Active Systems are advanced surveillance and monitoring solutions that utilize cellular networks to gather real-time intelligence and enable proactive decision-making. These systems leverage cellular data and communication capabilities to track and analyze various parameters, such as location, movement patterns, and behavior, allowing for enhanced situational awareness and efficient response in fields like security, asset tracking, and transportation management.

Fixed-wing UAS

Fixed-wing UAS

Fixed-wing UAS are unmanned aircraft with fixed wings, known for their efficient and stable flight performance, long endurance, and higher speeds, making them suitable for applications such as aerial surveys, mapping, agriculture, and surveillance.

Rotary-wing UAS

Rotary-wing UAS

Rotary-wing UAS, commonly referred to as drones, are unmanned aircraft equipped with rotating blades that provide lift and maneuverability. They are known for their vertical takeoff and landing capabilities, agility in confined spaces, and versatility for tasks such as aerial inspections, emergency response, and aerial photography.

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